BBSC Members


"When everyone is included, everyone wins"


Christopher Wanless

Handicap 17.5

The golf world held its breath in 2011, when Chris “Wanny” Wanless downed his boxing gloves and stepped onto the fairways for the first time. From the first swing it was apparent that greatness awaited. Not only is Chris slowly improving his Golf, but he has also put together the world’s Premier Golfing society, Big Billy’s Sauna Club. Flags now adorn Chris’s Ford Focus as he is the President of this esteemed club.

The self-confessed ladies’ man of the group, Chris is a philosopher, poet, cage fighter and philanthropist. In his spare time he helps at an old’s peoples home and works with the homeless to try and inspire them to be the man he has become.

Chris Griffiths

Handicap 10.9

Chris, aka “Bashir” is a proud member of BBSC, and is currently Vice President (VP). He played an influential role in establishing the society alongside President Wanless.

Chris is ok at golf, when he first began playing the sport he had lust for golf that drove his handicap down, once a member of Leatherhead Golf Club his life was consumed by golf and BBSC. Since 2012, Chris' life has taken a new focus towards family life, fathering two children with his wife Yianoula - which has impacted on his handicap and any chance of winning the BBSC league.

Craig Mclaren Duffy

Handicap 26

Tactical, composed and dedicated. Three words that have never been used to describe Craig’s golfing ability. A man who plays a round of golf as if he is in a hurry to make the 19th tee is not always a character that you would want as your match play partner. However with his ability to mock himself and others, and his growing love for the sport, he is very much a must have partner. Off the greens, his luscious ginger locks and child-like physique have led Craig to recently board the love train, as he will tell you "love will get ya", choo choooo!


Michael Daly

Handicap 16.5

Too often in golf are the words ‘god like’ used to describe the golfing worlds true talents. Mike Daly, has however brought something truly ‘god like’ to the world of golf. Daly, also known as ‘Daleforce’ has often been described by fellow BBSC members as a ‘God amongst men’. He has turned golfing terminology on its head, more recently coining the phrase ‘danny welbeck’ when referring to a skilled shot.



David Wakefield

Handicap 14

David Wakefield, often referred to as ‘Milkman’ by his close mates and ‘Alan’ by his work acquaintances has won ‘The most relaxed swing of the year’ accolade a record three years in a row. David is never flustered and always looking for his first hole in one. David is also known to have a mild infatuation with a Scottish golfer by the name of Alastair Forsyth (World ranked 432) after having the pleasure of playing one round of golf with him in 2009. He hopes that one day he can get to those levels and finish 46th in every single tournament he plays.


Jonathan Griffiths

Handicap 18.4

Voted the best amateur golfer worldwide in Golf Digest, 2016. Jonathan has always had a competitive spirit, but with his legs slowing down and injuries stacking up he was forced to retire from football, and in 2010 he equipped himself with the latest Hippo Pro-X golf clubs and began his journey to become the best amateur golfer in the world - 6 years later he achievd his goal! 



Tom Walker

Handicap 10.5

Tom does his talking on the course, and his crying at the 19th.




Tony Evans

Handicap 27

Tony Evans is a relatively new beginner on the golf course but is keen as mustard to improve his game. His specialities include his mammoth drives and ability to always play a decent bunker shot. Tony is looking forward to the new golfing experience and being part of Big Billy’s Sauna club.



Thomas Ames-Waller

Handicap 12.7

Tom Waller was once described as the ‘most naturally gifted golfer of all time’ – granted it was by his mum, but high praise indeed. Tom is due to be married later this year and once described Big Billy’s as “now his only way to enjoy life”.

Favourite Drink is known to be – Gold tequila & Martini Rossi.



Blake Webster

Handicap 10.1

Blake Webster is BBSC’s example of magnetism. An original member, he departed from the group to soul seek across the globe and soon found himself in Singapore, where 9 kids later has, like the prodical son, returned to a delighted society family. Blake has put it on record that he has been delighted to make the return, and has signed an initial 2yr contract with the Billy Society Tour.



Matthew Goodsir

Handicap 21.6

Not a lot is known about Matt Goodsir apart from his length, not height, and his supreme inability to finish a hole, when 90% along. We welcome our most recent addition, and from personal experience he is a top lad, and one that has already integrated well.




Ryan Williams

Handicap 14.4

Ryan is the newcomer to the group. He has proven to be a winner both on and off the course. Very macho, Ryan has integrated himself well, and has cemented himself as one of BBSC’s shining lights. He has recently had twins, which has dramatically impacted his ability to play golf, and currently has every chance of finishing bottom of the BBSC league 2018/19.



Sam Jones

Handicap 25.8

Sam has patiently waited for his slot, like a fat bird at a disco, but his dedication and spirit has been a joy to behold. Since joining BBSC, he hasnt really won anything, and his golf swing is seen as the weakest on the BBSC tour. A man of few words, and a lovely car, he is very much loved by the society, and especially Chris Wanless who idolises him.



Srdjan Todorovic

Handicap 24.1

Srdjan, or more commonly known as ‘sdu3n!!Nc’, is one of a new crew to join the BBSC society. He is a genuine guy, but being from Serbia, people are naturally very wary of him. He also is a former Serbian football hooligan, hence is presence in UK, so is faceless and likes to keep it this way.



Chris Lowe

Handicap 6.4

Chris, is our lowest handicapped member and has taken BBSC into a new era by introducing a level of true golfing ability to our society. Great temperament on and off the golf course, and a great new addition to the society, and is in great postion to win the BBSC league in his maiden season.



Andy Nickson

Handicap 18.2

Our newest addition to BBSC, Andy is competitive and trys to play a mental game when the stakes are high, match play, el mano el mano... however, currently without a single win in the league or on tour, its not yet proved successful - but watch this space! A great guy, on and off the golf course who is a worthy BBSC member.

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